Parish Pastoral Council (2018)

Dear friends,

The membership of our Pastoral Council for 2018:

o   Ken Laing (until the end of 2018) Chair

o   Gemma McDermott (until the end of 2019) Deputy Chair

o   Kerri Donovan (until the end of 2018) Secretary

o   Rachel Mitchell (until the end of 2018)

o   Lauren Montgomery (until the end of 2018)

o   Tim Quilty (until the end of 2018)

o   Janet Walker (until the end of 2018)

o   Tom Waugh (until the end of 2019)

o   Lucian Wijetunga (until the end of 2019)

o   Giovanna Flores-Clarke (until the end of 2019)

Our Parish Finance Committee is comprised of the following members:

o   Brian McGarry

o   Marinela Mendes

o   Tony Monardo

o   Robyn Elizondo

o   Tim Quilty (PPC Rep for 2018)

Our Parish Fundraising Committee has the following members:

o   Noel Kean (Chair)

o   Alan Amodeo

o   Meredith Baume

o   Kevin Figeuredo

o   Jo Karaolis

                    Father David Ranson